UOTC Committees

The University of the Commons

To join Committees, attend a General Meeting first.

Pedagogy Committee ensures successful projects by acting as a gatekeeper for, and providing constructive feedback on proposed projects in accordance with the mission of the overall group. Projects include learning opportunities of all types, including but not limited to classes, workshops, seminars, art installations, teach-ins, and activist interventions. Anyone from constituent communities or the general public may propose a project. Pedagogy is responsible for responding to proposals in a timely manner and interviewing new faculty.

Venues Committee locates and schedules venues for the University‚Äôs projects, as well as maintaining effective relationships with venue contacts and a spreadsheet of updated venue information. If you have a Venue, please let us know by sending a message to ‘info@uotc.org’ or filling out the Contact form under the Join link. here.

Membership Committee compiles information on new attendees and old members. The Membership Coordinator regularly solicits feedback from the membership, conducts outreach to expand membership, and answers questions concerning membership and voting procedures. Membership Coordinator: Angela Cross.

Outreach and Diversity Committee works with Pedagogy and Outreach to create publicity for the University’s ongoing classes and events and through providing strategies and direction for building diversity into University life.

Web and Online Committee creates and maintains the online services and presence of the University, such as website, domain, Announcements, Members, Committees, and UOTC list serves. This Committee advises and assists in formulating new communications strategies on an as need basis.

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